Unreasonably pleased…

I will admit that it was a stumbling attempt at best. I have no reason to be so inordinately pleased with myself, but I am. I just bought a pair of reading glasses. In Turkish.

 Okay…in fumbling, awkward and mostly incorrect Turkish – with a little help from Google Translate on the optician’s computer. The thing is that I managed to communicate my needs and indicate my preferences and I did it myself

 I’m not so sure my language skills are so much better than last year, but I feel I’ve leapt a hurdle somewhere. I’m actually using my meagre resources. What’s more, I learn each time. I still can’t understand most of what the cook is saying to me and poor Sila, my patient little village friend, still shakes her head at my incomprehension whenever she asks a question. I’m trying. 

 And – I bought a pair of glasses today – in Turkish!

6 thoughts on “Unreasonably pleased…

  1. Congratulations. I’m struggling with French right now. I think it makes all the difference once you have enough of the basics and summon the courage to get out there and fumble stumble just try it.


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