Catching up

We’re half-way through the dig season and I’m falling behind!

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve opted for a lazy day. I have a kitten purring heavily in my lap  and a father-son soccer match outside the window. We have a field trip this afternoon to some local sites, but for this morning it’s time to attempt to catch up on my blogging.

I thought it might be difficult to find things to post, this being my fifth season. Instead, the issue isn’t  that I can’t find something to say; it’s that I can’t find time to write. I mentally rehearse paragraphs throughout the day and I’ve created dozens of posts in my head – but a fat lot of good that does YOU.

Yes, I’ve been here before and yes, much of it is routine and repetitive, but there are always variations on the theme. The weather is unexpectedly cool or the water table rises or the courtyard is over-run with kittens. New people arrive; old friends return. I’m discovering new corners of familiar places and revisiting the familiar with new friends and fresh eyes. I want to write about all of it – but where to start? The first trip over the mountains to Hasan Beyli? The inundation of kittens? The Thursday night rakı party? The ever expanding circle of friends? Turkish food, bazaars, medieval castles, excursions to Maraş, Gaziantep, Islahiye, Karatepe…?

Earlier in the summer, someone commented that an archaeological dig is like a last chance at summer camp. I’ve said the same myself when trying to describe this experience. As a returning camper, the enlarging social circle means there is always something to be part of – coffee circle in the mornings, after-dinner beer and conversation in the pottery sorting area, impromptu trips to town or further afield. All of which distracts me from my usual reclusive time corresponding online. I’ll try to rectify this and get a few posts together for upcoming days.

Stay tuned!

1 thought on “Catching up

  1. Loving your blog, Karen! We will be surprised if you don’t get stopped at the airport for trying to smuggle those kittens home with you 🙂 Looking forward to your next post! Have fun!!!
    Karen and Fred

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