Sunday morning

Just an oh-so-brief entry this morning. I didn’t want the morning to go by without commentary…

 Cafes await...Stepping out of the door on a Sunday morning in Kadıköy, you might wonder if you’re the only one awake. My neighbourhood, usually bustling at this hour, was deserted. While the photo opportunities might have been expanded by the absence of activity, the energy of the place was considerably diminished! I wandered, somewhat aimlessly, realizing my errands were impossible. By the time I wandered back, however, some life was returning.

 Balik!The attraction of Kadıköy, as the tourist info tells it, is the fish market – which I’ve only seen the edge of. Spilling over from that is, naturally, street upon cobbled street of restaurants serving the freshest fish you could hope to come by, except maybe eating it in the boat. What else might entice you to cross the Bosphorus to Kadıköy? Night life! As one street sign puts it, “Sokakta hayal var!” – “Street life is here!”…or maybe “this street has life?” Something like that. There’s an artist’s market: a street lined with tiny studio shops. You could sit quietly enjoying the tea garden run by the Communist party – just around the corner from Evren’s house. And if you did cross the Bosphorus and were looking for a place to stay…just ask!

Old and new Me, I love the surprises – the old Ottoman houses wedged between modern apartments and the passages that open into courtyards and lane ways and shopping centres. It also amuses me that several times I’ve swung around a corner to encounter a group of men staring at something – momentarily following the angle of their gaze and only too late realizing they are just store mannequins. I just keeping falling for it.

The staring gang

 But it’s time to go. Like the song says…the bags are packed. Again.

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