Home and cat-ching up

It still feels a little unreal to be waking up in my own bed. I’ve been longing for this particular mattress all summer – it’s a relief to find that it exists. Nonetheless, I wake in the night a little uncertain of where I am despite the familiar bed.

Where I am is a little chilly at the moment. I arrived to unseasonably cool temperatures – but unseasonably warm temperatures are predicted for the next few days. I’m grateful – I haven’t had the customary cooling off period to ease into the autumn. Looks like I’ll still get a proper run at it – the leaves haven’t even turned yet!

So here I am back in small-town-Ontario, sandwiched between travels in Turkey and an upcoming research trip to Vancouver Island. I’m feeling mixed about continuing the travel tales now that the actual travels have come to an end – but there are stories! I’ll mull it over. Meanwhile, I thought I’d treat you to more cute cat pictures!!!

Cats are everywhere in Turkey – and dogs, too, but not so much. While our village cats looked scrawny and neglected, cats in Istanbul looked monstrously well-fed. During one evening meal, a brawny gentlemen strolled out of the restaurant kitchen with a generously sized bag of food scraps that he then distributed onto various sheets of cardboard across the street – so that each neighbourhood cat had it’s own share. Elsewhere, especially on some historical sites, felines seem to be a component of the attraction, draping themselves luxuriantly on classical statues and columns, commanding affection of passing tourists. We began to think they might be spirits of the original inhabitants, they exuded such an air of aristocracy and ownership.

So, here is my album of (mostly) Ephesian cats to distract you until I scribble down more of my tales. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Home and cat-ching up

  1. OOoh, don’t they look relaxed! Hope you are draped as comfortably in your own bed. Great to hear your stories, looking forward to more of them. Sue


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