You see what happened there, don’t you? I was released from the cervical collar a week ago – and instead of sharing the wonderful news, I spent an entire seven days just catching up.

It is truly wondrous to be able to move normally. I do confess that for the first few days, I was slipping on the collar late in the day when I was aching from the unaccustomed freedom and longing for the additional support. I am pleased to report that I am much more comfortable now – and I am already seeing the result of gentle exercise as I recover normal range of motion.

Over and again in these weeks I have been reminded just how incredible a healthy human body can be. Rub your fingertips together – thumb to forefinger – and pay attention. Do you realize you can actually sense the friction of the fingerprint ridges sliding over one another? That’s what I had lost – that unbelievably fine sense of touch – and I have it back!

This afternoon I was doing a simple sewing repair and suddenly realized that my fingers were not going off to sleep – something that’s been a normal expectation for years now. Well into my recovery, it occurred to me one morning that I had not awakened to numb hands since the surgery – again, something to which I had become accustomed. So very many simple, daily movements have once again become simple, daily movements; I am elated!

The important result of this period, though, hasn’t been so much to do with my physical healing. The best thing, by far, has been the reconnection with friends and family and community. My daughter and I were inundated with food, I’ve had to juggle the calendar to accommodate the many visits and there was so much practical assistance – driving, shopping, yard work – it’s been overwhelming. I’ve been so encouraged and warmed by the flood of good wishes and caring messages that it might just tempt me from my cave and my semi-hermit habits for months to come!

Feeling the love!

1 thought on “Free!

  1. Hello Karen,

    Delighted to hear you’ve finally returned to your senses.

    Also very nice to hear of the great support you’ve received from so many close friends. Perhaps there’s a book in this experience called The Joy of Illness.

    As I’m off to Vancouver on Friday, I’ll look forward to seeing you sometime later in August.

    Continued best wishes on your speedy return to touch.



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