It’s the darkest month. I’m not talking statistically or factually, but in the past years January has become the month that I and my family dread. Christmas is over, there is little evidence as yet that the light is returning. It’s cold and it’s dark and for us it’s a long, slow, painful slide into remembrance.
We lost my mom in January. Last year my mother-in-law Elly left us in January. Both my father and my father-in-law, now gone, celebrated January birthdays. And there, weighting the end of the month, is the eighth anniversary of my husband Craig’s death on the thirty-first.
Something must be done. A Bruce Cockburn lyric admonishes us to “kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.” So.
I’ve shared this with friends before – but here we go round again. In the gruelling months of Craig’s radiation treatments, he took to wearing obnoxiously bright tie-dyed shirts to his hospital appointments and social outings to express his continuing defiance and hope in the face of what he knew to be a terminal illness. He continues to inspire love and courage in the lives of family and friends.
So, on this anniversary, I re-issue a challenge on his behalf. Post this little bright square of colour to honour Craig and those you know who are also engaged in battle. Meanwhile, take a moment to call a friend who is struggling, drop off a meal, volunteer a ride to an appointment, make a donation, share a hug. That also would be totally cool.
Please share and shine a little light in the darknessĀ – for Craig, Elly, Lew, Elaine and Kazi – for me, for us all.1794517_10202252838014958_1053358484_n

2 thoughts on “January

  1. Hello Karen,

    Thanks again for writing your terrific blog. You do a great job of it, even with the most melancholy topics.

    Earlier this month, a week before his birthday on January 21st, my older brother was informed by his doctor that hospital staff could do nothing except make him as comfortable as possible and wait for him to die. Fortunately, a second opinion came in extremely handy and my brother is currently back on his farm in slow but steady recovery.

    For the time being at least, Leigh has kicked a hole in the darkness and we are all enjoying a bit of light. We have all been harshly reminded to enjoy the time we’ve got.

    Warm regards,



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