Season’s end…

If I needed any reminder that our season is drawing to a close, today’s weather is doing the trick. It’s raining in Fevzipaşa – really raining, with blinks of lightening and rumbles of thunder.  It usually only does that in September. Must be time to pack up…

Digging has ended in some areas; it’s a mad dash to the finish in others. Today is our day off, but the work room is filled as most of us entertain some vague hope of completing our tasks before the end of the week. I do apologize for both the vagary and the brevity of this post, but work is pressing!

It’s been quite a summer. The finds have been diverse and full of information for the team. We’ve had more interesting pottery than in many a season and earlier occupations of the city have been revealed than in previous years. No, I don’t understand the significance of it all, but the researchers do seem pleased. All of those results, though, have come with a bounty of material to study – all awaiting recording before a great deal of it gets carted off to the museum next week. We’re going full speed. The photos here should give you an inkling of the size of the task – and even more pottery has accumulated in the yard since I took the second shot a week ago. And ceramics are only one variety of the hundreds of objects to be recorded.

Our numbers are down considerably and the exodus will continue until closing time next weekend. Home life is beginning to intrude and thoughts are surfacing of things I’ve been missing through the summer. Today’s rain and cooler temperatures bring anticipation of Canadian autumn. Summer’s over – nearly.

4 thoughts on “Season’s end…

  1. I’m sure you must be experiencing conflicted feelings – sad to leave but anxious to be home with family & friends. Enjoy your last week and have a safe journey home ❤️


  2. Thanks for the vicarious journey, Karen. It’s always interesting “going” on a dig with you. Hope you have a great conclusion to this year’s adventure and a safe trip home.

    If you want to come up to speed quickly on things in Canada, check out “Harperman” on You Tube. This is a great (still developing) story and a true protest song harkening back to the days of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. It was written and performed by a government scientist whose area of expertise is migratory birds. Well, now thousands of Canadians are flocking to hear his song!

    All the best, Karen. Hope to hear all about your trip when you return.



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