Home…and a road trip

I’ve been in Canada barely three weeks and in that brief time the Okanagan valley has shaded into autumn. The orchards have gone from glistening green to tones of gold and bronze. The clouds drift low and heavy these mornings, moseying between the hills. The comforting patter of rain on the roof – a sound I hadn’t heard since early June – is an almost nightly feature. Along with the chill air comes a familiar fall melancholy; this sweet-sad reflective season has always been my favourite and remains so even here, where the spectacular autumn colours of eastern Canada are so muted.

Three weeks: one of jet-lagged disorientation and a flutter of Canadian Thanksgiving preparation, another of pleasant local travel with friends and finally some days of gathering thoughts, considering where I’m at and what might come next. While I chew on that, here is a small representation of my recent wanderings and the beauty that resides within a days’ reach.

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