Blogging on the go

I have all the best intentions; I really do. I’m having such a wonderful experience and I truly would like to take you all along for the ride – but there’s no time!

The G-adventures itinerary looked unstructured, but as it turns out there are additional options each day so the schedule ends up rather full. The group I’m traveling with is well traveled and interesting, with a range of ages and covering several continents. We’re pretty well choosing to do everything together, occasionally dividing into smaller units. In Cappadocia I had quite a few occasions to head out on my own to draw and then meet the gang along the way. Since yesterday, we’ve entered unfamiliar territory for me, so now I want to be along for everything!

All this is by way of apology – I’m just not having much opportunity to be online. As much as I’d like to gush about the scenery here on the Mediterranean – mountains and sea! – I need to be here taking it in, instead of in cyberspace.

So…I’m going to take a break, maybe sneak in some photos when I’m able – but be sure I’ll tell you all about it when I have a chance!!

Görüşürüz! See you later…

3 thoughts on “Blogging on the go

  1. Now that’s awesome that you have so little opportunity for us. 😉
    But for the next month…. I will have to catch your future blogs when I can…. we are off to Malta for 17 days and later a tour of Italy until Oct 9. I will be watching for your updates though. Hope our trip compares favourably with the fun you are having. 🙂


  2. Karen, I just had time to catch up on the last 2-3 blogs. As always, they leave me jealous, breathless and so grateful that I get to experience your travels vicariously through your eloquent prose and your incredible photography. Of course, we await the full report on some lazy weekend this fall in Sydenham.


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